Create Simple Login Script in PHP and MySql

This is a simple login system in PHP and MySql. Most of the web applications it is necessary to have an authentication system. Latest frameworks such as Laravel, Symfony have bundles(modules) to do this job with the most advanced secure method. But this tutorial is intended for a beginners who wants to understand an authentication system […]


Export to CSV in PHP

Export to CSV and saving to file, this is the topic I am explaining here. First of all, you will have a database which saved the data sets for you. I am using MySQL for saving the data. Opening the file in write mode and save the database records to CSV by using fwrite.


TimThumb – PHP Image Resizer

TimThumb is a simple, flexible, PHP script that resizes images. You give it a bunch of parameters, and it spits out a thumbnail image that you can display on your site. TimThumb has seen a massive amount of use across the WordPress world, and a few months after we released it, I took over development […]