Smule, The Karaoke mobile app

Smule the karaoke app, become heavily famous among music lovers. The app let you sing your favourite track, and giving you are in a recording studio. It’s for the people who practicing for reality shows and sometimes to satisfy your inner passion. Smule invested heavily on social media to make popular this app. Now they have introduced duet singing in the app. Now fans can sing duets together.

How it works you don’t want sing together, you can finish your part early and invite someone to sing. The Smule app will do the rest, they will beautifully merge the both songs into one. There is a really nice feature to vote and share the song with social media. Who doesn’t like to sing, particularly when they are alone :).

As per the statistics, there are 40 million people already done their duets using the Smule app. Every other day they upload terabytes of data to Smule servers.

Sing with Celebrities, you will be much excited when you came to know that you can do your song with famous singers. But with a little subscription fee for that amazing feature.

As they mentioned use headset always to feel better and get great feeling like your are on stage.

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