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Using Third-Party Libraries in Codeigniter

This tutorial demonstrates, how to use third party libraries in Codeigniter. While developing web applications we will be dealing third party libraries. We cannot expect  all of your favorite libraries are loaded in package manager, so only way to do it is directly including in the program. In Codeigniter we have segmented folder called third_party in […]


Native HTML5 Radio Player

Native HTML5 Radio Player is a browser-based standalone HTML5 MP3 Radio FM Stream Plugin Player, playing all MPEG-Audio streams. It is written in Javascript. And compatible with browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE, and opera. It is based on the following technologies PHP, Javascript, Flash, XML  


PHP simple captcha script

First of all, captcha is for spam prevention. When there is a form in your website that site visitors allowed to give their inputs, you could be very careful. There is a robot might pretend to be a human and feed the details. People will post bulk data to your site, leads to your site […]


Disable text selection of a web page using CSS or jQuery

It will be helpful if you can prevent someone copying the content from the web page for security reasons. Now in this article we will show you how to disable content selection on web page using jQuery/CSS. Disable content selection using CSS

Disable content selection using jQuery You can use jQuery UI method for […]


How to do Pagination in CodeIgniter

You will find pagination in most of the web application. If you search something in Google, you will see paginated results with pages at the bottom of results. Why pagination? While we working with thousands of records from a database, we cannot display all the thousands/millions in a single page. That would be a bad […]