Pixelbook owners get ready to install Google’s secret Fuchsia operating system

Google has been secretly a developing a new Operating system finally ready to go in action. Now pixelbook owners can install this new mysterious operating system and enjoy its features.

There is no surprise this search engine giant has come up with a operating system in the arena of Microsoft & Linux based systems.  You can read an article in the Chrome Unboxed website about this.

By now Google has been provided the documentation for how to guides for the installation of new software. Allegedly says that, it is built on the Zircon microkernel and it is very different from normal Linux kernels.

Fuchsia is an open source software so the community can test , build and enhance it.

VP of Android engineering, Dave Burke:

Fuchsia is an early-stage experimental project. We, you know, we actually have lots of cool early projects at Google. I think what’s interesting here is its open source, so people can see it and comment on it. Like lots of early-stage projects, it’s gonna probably pivot and morph.


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