PHP User Registration Form

This tutorial teaches about building a PHP User Registration Form. When user registering we collect their information such as username, email etc and storing in a database. The application uses this data for user authentication or user reporting etc.

In this tutorial user adding their details in the registration form and a validation, script validates all the inputs. Once the validation is satisfied the record will insert to database.

How PHP User Registration Form works?

PHP User Registration Form


HTML Registration Form

The following code is the HTML part of the registration form. It contains various elements such as radio button, fields text field, password field etc. On submitting fields will be validated against server side validation. I use twitter bootstrap to ease the process as we don’t need to write the HTML and CSS from scratch.

PHP Registration Form Input Validation

I have designed all the registration form fields as mandatory. You can decide which are all the fields mandatory in your code.

Insert Registered User Data to Database

After validation passed the form data will be inserted into database for future use. I use the latest bcrypt method to encrypt the password for better security and PDO used database connection.
You can read an article about login authentication here to understand more about bcrypt.

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