How To Install A Blogger Template

Google Blogger platform is well known for its free hosting and excellent service. But one must say templating is the difficult part in  Google Blogspot. You can either use built-in themes in the Blogspot or import templates from third party websites. It is a no brainer to install a blogger template from a third party source.

How to install a Blogger template

Step #1

Download the zip file from template website. For one of my blog, I’ve used Top Magazine theme from soratemplates. 

Step #2

Unzip the file

Step #3

Login to the Blogger and go the Theme tab on the left pane. And click on the Backup/Restore Button

How to install blogger templateHow to install blogger template

Step #4

From the popup Choose File option and upload the XML file from the unzipped folder.

How to install blogger template

That’s you are ready to customise your newly imported theme.

Note: Some of the free templates might find incompatible with the latest version of Blogger.



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