Hyperloop One will build the first Hyperloop system, will reduce Dubai to Abu Dhabi Journey to 12 minutes

Hyperloop One and United Arab Emirates on their way to developing the first hyperloop system. Hyperloop One announced the first hyperloop system will be in Dubai to Abu Dhabi.

“Having signed an agreement with DP World in August to pursue a cargo-based Hyperloop One system at Jebel Ali Port, our focus has now expanded to include connecting the emirates,” said Rob Lloyd, chief executive of Hyperloop One.

“The leaders of the UAE understand that transportation is the new broadband, with the power to transform life throughout the GCC.

Now its the feasibility study stage, that H1 and Roads and Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Partnering with.

The journey(160 KM) normally would take around 2 hrs by road, Hyperloop H1 promises would reduce to just 12 minutes.

The pod its autonomous vehicle, pushed through tunnel at 1200 km/h, a speed more than airline travells.

The world’s biggest shopping mall and tallest building city adding new values to the people.

Below video will give you small idea about what Hyperloop can do in future.

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