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How to compress big files into small file

When compressing big  files into the smaller size the first thing in your mind is WinRAR. The old player in the area, once we had used in every day’s work. There are are a lot of compression software out there on the internet, but most of them will max 20% compression. Suppose you want to […]


Direct SQL queries in Magento

This tutorial mainly demonstrates direct SQL queries in Magento.  Magento data models are giving great flexibility for the data processing. We don’t need to touch the complex SQL statements because of this feature. This often gives really quick development speed and accuracy more over a bulletproof approach. But several situations it much needed to execute […]


Get a parent category and all sub-sub–sub categories in Magento

Getting all sub(recursively) categories in Magento, not an easy task. I’ve seen so many of them looping through the category model and creating overhead to the server. It’s mainly because the each model creates and SQL query. Good performance Single Query Solution: Let $parentCategory be your Main Category, then this collection will load all subcategories, […]


Get a YouTube video thumbnail from the YouTube API

Getting a Youtube video thumbnail is very easy thanks to YouTube for their predictable format. The first one is a full-size image and rest of them are thumbnails(ie.1,2,3) The default thumbnail would be, that you see when the video previews. For the high-quality version of the thumbnail use an url similar to this: There is […]


Gmail’s ‘Undo Send’ Feature Made public

Google adds a new functionality to their google mail, probably one of the most wanted feature. We all had that moment, “oops I sent mail to the wrong person, or pressed reply to all, instead of sending to one”. You can set this in your Gmail settings options, coming under the general tab. You can […]