Free online tools to check website performance and speed

Website performance and speed become a critical factor for websites. Google’s new algorithm gives more importance for the website’s speed. So website speed affects your websites’ search engine ranking. If your website takes too much time to load, you might lose your visitors, so the revenue.

In that case, you have to optimize your website for better performance. But how do you know which elements of your website taking too much time to load? Several reasons might cause the slow performance of your websites. So these online tools are made for helping you to test your website speed online.

We have listed top notch 3 online tools to test website performance and speed.

1) GTmetrix

Gmetrix is one of the most trusted tools to check website performance and speed. It gives the insights of your site and suggestions to improve the speed of the website. You can check your website with competitor website for better performance insights. Even users can download the performance reports.


2)Google Pagespeed

Google page speed generates performance reports for both mobile and desktop. The best thing in this tool you will get detailed suggestions to increase the speed. You should aim 90 or more score to the better ranking of your website.



Pingdom is another free tool for checking website performance and analyzing the website speed. Also, you can download the performance reports and suggestions. The key feature of Pingdom is monitor website from multiple locations, which makes Pingdom speed test service unique from others.



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