Find the song without knowing the lyrics

Find the song without knowing the lyrics

Its annoying when we know how to hum the song but can’t find the name or lyrics of the song. Here we find out some services that let you know how to find the song without knowing the lyrics.



If you have a tune that stuck in your mind, and you can’t identify or remember the lyrics of the song, its irritating isn’t it? So this website midomi comes for your help. Don’t worry take your headset with microphone and connect to your computer visit the website Hum, that tune yourself may help to identify the song.

Midomi is free to use online, but it also offers iPhone and Android users

2) Shazam

Shazam is a mobile application that you may find your song names from iPhone, Android or Windows phone. It’s very easy just install the Shazam mobile application and hold your phone against the audio source. The Shazam software will find you the song that playing in the audio source.

3) Musipedia

With Musipedia you can search any song via playing a virtual piano embedded in the website or whistling your tune through a microphone. You can go to the tab called Music Search in the website and select your virtual keyboard type as we have various options like with Flash piano, Javascript piano. But if you don’t know how to play piano, every one of you is not a musician, then select the option microphone and you may sing or whistle the song. There you go!.

4) Tunatic

Using Tunatic you can do the same things as the other apps do. But for this, there is no web version. You have to install this as an application on your Mac or Windows PC.

5) WatZatSong

When computer programs can’t find the song, let’s human find the song for you.WatZatSong (“What’s that song?”) is a social site where you can upload a short MP3 audio recording of the song (or record yourself by humming) and other members of the site can then help you guess the exact song name. It’s not instant solutions like other apps, you have to wait till someone figured out the music and reply to you. It’s kind of Quora website for music lovers.

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