Mirasvit Fast Asynchronous Re-indexing Magento Extension

Fast Asynchronous Re-indexing

Magento Re-indexing seems to be a pain for all Magento store owners. It would be worse when you have a huge e-commerce website having numerous amount of products. Every time you save a product or a category, Magento produces data re-indexing in a database.  If you have a store of 40K products, the indexing would take at least 3 hrs. Mirasavit, a Magento extension developer came up with a solution for this scenario.

This module makes sure zero intervention of administrator user for re-indexing jobs. Because this module will do the re-index automatically instead of you. No longer you need to check the status of Magento indexes on your admin interface.

You can configure Magento cron to run this extension automatically. When admin user updates a product, the entries need to   re-index will go to the queue. And when next cron runs this re-index will perform automatically. You have to set Magento cron properly to run this fast asynchronous re-index by Mirasavit.

This extension made our store faster as the indexes are running background. Usually, we update the indexes once in a day, but with this Fast Asynchronous Re-indexing extension, real-time update of products are possible.

You can see the index management screen from this extension.

Mirasvit Improved Asynchronous Re-indexing Magento 2 Extension

Why we choose Mirasavit?

  1. Support is very quick if we have a problem with Module, they come back very quickly.
  2. Comprehensive documentation for the extensions.
  3. Usability and performance
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