How to Export MySQL Table data to CSV in PHP

In this tutorial  I am going to teach How to Export MySQL Table data to CSV in PHP.
A CSV is a comma separated values file which allows data to be saved in a table structured format.

Here I will be using  well known  PHP function fputcsv to create the CSV file. Basically the data will be stored in MySQL tables and we will convert this data to CSV format.

I just divided the tutorial to some steps to understand well

1) MySql table structure, it is just a demo employee table.

2) MySql connection

Create a file called Config.php, and this will initiate the database connection from this file.

3) Listing of all data from Database

4) Create and Download CSV file

We have created a file called download.php, from here you can download the CSV file. When you click on the Download button,  this file will be called and you will prompted to download the CSV file.
Withing fputcsv you need to pass two parameters 1) file handle 2) the source array.

So you have learned how to export data from MySQL table to CSV file.

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