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Detect IE5 or IE6 in PHP

Certain times you need to identify IE5 or IE6 legacy browsers and pause/optimize a feature or these old browsers.



Count Script Execution Time in PHP

In this snippet you will learn how to count the script execution time in PHP



Basic Database Connection using PDO in PHP

In this tutorial we are going to learn  connecting to MySQL with PHP using PDO. “PDO – PHP Data Objects – is a database access layer providing a uniform method of access to multiple databases.” You don’t need to worry about different syntax for different database types, PDO will do this painless.

Did you […]


How to add RSS url Auto discovery to your site

Every website needs get traffic in order to visible in people’s searches.  When discussing about traffic, RSS aggregation websites are very good source of traffic. They will have automated crawlers to list your site in their websites and you will gain a back link. In some websites they have RSS feeds but failed to discovered […]


Post Data to an iframe

Posting a data to an iframe is very easy process.  Just set the forms target to load in iframe.

The main advantage of this your form will not reload when you submit the form. It feel like ajax operation but is not really ajax and it loads on the background.