Amazon launches a dedicated shop for items featured on Product Hunt

Amazon collaborating with Product hunt for a dedicated shopping section in amazon website. The san Fransisco-based startup, Product hunt came so far with startup ideas and supporting startups to sell their dream products. This new collection, called Featured on Product Hunt,  is available as a part of Amazon Launchpad online store.

Launchpad is a great place for displaying the products from startups like electronics, smart home devices, children toys, health products and wearable technology.

What is advantage for ProductHunt

Teaming up with Amazon definitely going to give more mileage for Product Hunt in future. Everyone knows amazon have the biggest customer database and reviews. Being partnered with Amazon, product hunt benefits the Amazon’s review system, which millions of customer put their trust.

What Amazon benefits

Launching a special page for Product Hunt, Amazon underlines its a stage for young startups to showcase their products. And it’s making sure the innovation happening with their touch. Eventually, all the products are going to sell in Amazon prime, it’s a nice thought from Amazon.

For a customer, they are getting thousands of reviews for one product. Especially these products are very new in the market, reviews would be the source of bringing sales.

Click here to see Amazon’s product hunt page

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