Add facebook fan page on website

Let’s talk about adding a facebook fan page on your website. You may be noticed some of the websites has a feature as shown in the below pic. Nowadays social media is a key player to drive traffic to your website.


facebook fan page


What is a fan page on Facebook ?
A fan page is the only way for entities like businesses, organizations, celebrities, and political figures to represent themselves on Facebook.


Please follow the steps below to embed the fan page widget in your website.

Step 1: Create fan page code, Facebook has an official tool for generating this code. Go to this URL
Step 2: Fill everything required in the form as shown in below pic. choose Tabs that you want to show in the area. You can see that options mentioned in the text box.

facebook fan page
Step 3:Now finally click on the Get code button, it will show a popup same as below. You have to create a facebook app in order to fulfill the step 1(Choose your App ID). Click here to go app facebook page.


facebook fan page
Step 4: copy + paste the content in the popup to your website

That’s it your website is ready to show the fan widget.

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