7 Top Reddit Alternatives that You Will Find it Amazing

Reddit is on the way to secure a great place on the web as one of the most visited websites.  It’s a highly user curated content from all over the world.  The most voted posts will be on the front page of the Reddit will have most attention. There are many people find it as a marketing channel for their products and services. The Reddit marketing strategy is having good potential.

Here I am listing 7 top Reddit alternatives.


VOAT launched in 2014, from that point it has been trying to usurp Reddit’s position. If you ever visit this website you will feel like the very close similarity to Reddit, as it listed the subverse(VOAT’s equivalent of subreddit). Each and every functionality, it is very close to Reddit and even the layout.  As per their FAQ, it’s their policy not to censor anything unless the content in question is illegal.

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Hackernews is a social aggregator that focusing on computer science and Entrepreneurship. There is no particular rule for submitting the content anything but showing some curiosity.

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Hubski is no different from Reddit and VOAT, but an emphasis on an important difference- the submissions are ranked not based on votes but purely based on the social media sharing.

Like Reddit, it gives users quality discussion options as the moderation system is pretty much advanced in Hubski.

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Slashdot(/.) features news stories on science and technology that are submitted and evaluated by site users. Each story has a comments section attached to it where users can add online comments.  Each submitted story will become threaded story for its own users. There is a user based moderation system to moderate the comments and posts.

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Digg is a user submitted news aggregator, boasts of one of the top places on the internet. It has curated homepage that discusses current political affairs, technologies stories. This popular bookmarking website has also a voting system that users can vote up and vote down like Reddit.

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A stack can be a place (based on GPS), a topic, a category of posts, or even your own user profile.  If you like a post add it into your stack, if you don’t like remove it from the stack.

One emerging criticism is it’s very image-centric if you tired of scrolling to see a text, better go elsewhere.

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Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange is the question and website for developers, geeks, movie lovers, more or less anyone who looking for a solution in their life. It is also voted based system that users can vote down and vote down.

It is considered to be the best place for programmers to discuss related questions and get immediate solutions from industry experts.

best reddit alternative

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