The 11 best blogging and publishing platforms on the Internet today

10 years back, if you want to start a blog,  options were very limited over the internet. You have had Blogspot and, these were the only key players allow you to publish your articles without any cost.

Why blogging so important?

Blogging is the most important aspect of content marketing when you want to rank in search engines. Today’s search engines like long authority content instead of short pieces.

Blogging will be the best source of organic traffic to your website. Also, it helps your website to rank better in SERP.Every time you write an article it indexed in SERP against your website. When someone searches in Google with related keywords, your writing pops up.

People need solutions and advice as they eagerly search for that. If you have doubt or question, the first thing would be searched in Google.

You do not need to spend millions to start a blog as you have the above mentioned free solutions to start with.

When talking to customer relationship, it is one of the best channels to communicate with your customer. People get comprehensive solutions form the blogs.

Nowadays blogs are not just platforms to share your ideas, its reward you back. If you know how to properly monetize your blog, you can earn some passive income. There are many examples bloggers turned to entrepreneurs.

Evolving the social media websites, the way of blogging has been changed. We can call Facebook, Buzzfeed etc as modern blogging platforms. So you are a new blogger trying your best in blog industry, here is our guide of best platforms for the blogging.

  1. WordPress
  2. Blogger
  3. Tumblr
  4. Typepad
  5. Medium
  6. Buzzfeed
  7. Quora
  9. Google+
  10. Ghost
  11. Squarespace
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