10 Most Popular Social Bookmarking Websites

Social bookmarking websites are sites on which users share their articles, blog posts, images and videos. The biggest advantage is in no time your content is reaching to a number of other Internet users.  When others seeing your content shares to different channels and the content goes viral. These websites are very helpful to get good domain rankings as it helps in search result positions.

Popular social bookmarking websites

1) Twitter.com
It’s world’s no.1 tiny post website. It allows users to post a text not more than 140 letters. Your content reaches to other Twitter users based on followers. There is no better place to share your content to reach others in no time.
2) pinterest.com
It became decision maker for many people as half of its users consult others to make a buying decision.

3) linkedin.com
LinkedIn is your most professional social network website. It’s being in the top places for hiring talents and sharing your knowledge. Most of the people write top articles and building their brand awareness.
4) stumbleupon.com
Stumbleupon is an excellent source of free traffic to a specific website, a page within a site, an image or a video.
5) delicious.com
Delicious has been around for over a decade and is currently owned by Science Inc. The company is focusing on rebuilding this social media site, and it has a lot to work with: over two million active users and a Google page rank of 8.
6) digg.com
You will get a massive amount of traffic If your site is featured on the Digg homepage.

7) reddit.com
It’s a user-curated content and they styled it as the front page of the internet. You can submit an article on the article and other users can vote on that.
8) newsvine.com
Slashdot runs user-submitted news stories  on Linux, computer hardware, devices, games, cloud computing, mobile, storage, security, management, book reviews, and more.
9) slashdot.com
Newsvine was launched in 2006 and is was named the Top News Site that year and one of the 50 Best Websites by Time Magazine in 2007.
10) scoop.it
Scoop.it provides to professionals, business and non-profits, and corporations. The site has over 1 million registered users and a Google page rank of 7. Choose from a free or one of the paid plans, depending on how many topics you want to post about.

You can use these social sites for marketing of your websites. I can make sure within no time your site will get famous.

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