Magento notification system

While building your Magento module or tweaking the code you will need to handle the errors and notifications. Notice Success Error Warning (admin side only) Above methods, you can use in anywhere in Magento, like controller, model etc. Sample usage in controller  


Magento Merged CSS Cache Clear Not Working

Merged CSS cache not clearing in Magento In production environment, everyone uses caching. Most of the Magento websites might be having this issue. When you make changes to CSS and you are using the magneto built in CSS merge functionality, you will be pulling your hair with browser cache. I have experienced the same with […]


Changing the position of store switcher to header magento

Magento has a good amount of template overriding methods. As per the Magento documentation, we will follow the standard method. Instead of editing core files we will use local.xml located in our custom theme. Step 1 Adding the below line in to the header section of local.xml find in app/design/frontend/[your-package]/[your-theme]/layout/ After adding above code the […]