Magento – Get Current Store Details

To get the current store details you can use following code. Gets the current store’s id Gets the current store’s code Gets the current website’s id Gets the current store’sGroup id Gets the current store’s status Gets the current store’s locale Gets the current store’s home url Gets the current store’s name Gets the current […]


A Guide to Secure Magento Website from Hacker

Getting started with Magento eCommerce platform doesn’t mean your site is safe and secure. Despite the fact that Magento is the most robust content management system for eCommerce websites, you can’t take its security lightly. You need to take serious measures to combat the security and hacking issues for your web store. In fact, the […]


Magento Get Customer Details

Getting customer details, there is handy function out there in Magento to achieve this. When working with Magento it’s very common that you need this information. So we are discussing how to get customer details in Magento. Follow the below steps Get customer Id from session in Magento Using the $customerId we can load the […]


Change of Magento contacts page URL

Magento’s default contact us form page URL is a little bit awkward as its says We can change this easily by creating a small module. Step 1 Create a file in app/etc/modules/Namespace_Contacts.xml   Step 2 Create the config file in app/code/local/Namespace/Contacts/etc/config.xml That’s it upload the files and clear the cache. Yea the default Magento […]


How to override the Magento 1 controller

How to override Magento controller, must be a good practice whenever we want to add/update a new functionality to current Magento controller functions. Why overriding controllers? Controller is the entry point for any incoming request in Magento. To handle this Magento declares numerous functions in the Controller file mainly called actions. Suppose you want to […]


Top Magento Hosting Providers

Building a Magento website is easy when comparing to figure out a good Magento hosting solution for the website. There are plenty of Magento hosting recommendations in the internet, but most of them are really confusing and sometimes misleading. Usually Magento developer companies suggest for the server, depending on the load and features of the website. […]

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