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In this article, we review an excellent Magneto Extension called Sphinx Search Ultimate from Mirasvit.  This module basically unites 3 modules, Search Spell-Correction, Search AutoComplete & Suggestions and Advanced Sphinx Search Pro into a single operating mechanism.

The built-in search in Magento community version can be a pain for some users as it won’t give relevant search results. A good site search encourages users to be on the site and it helps to do better conversions.
The selected extension, Sphinx Search Ultimate is based on self-hosted popular open-source search engine Sphinx.

Why Sphinx Search Ultimate?

sphinx search ultimate

Search relevance

You can see that I’ve searched for “camera”, and that picked very relevant results for the term “Camera”when compared to Magento’s normal search. Sphinx Search Ultimate shows even the related categories also.

Autosuggest / AutoComplete

Sphinx Search Ultimate comes with Search AutoComplete as t works quite good and shows the matching products, categories and even CMS pages in the search area. The pop-up appearing with a small image and short description as it can be configured in the backend.

Spell Correction

It’s a nice feature to have in your store when everyone is not a champion. Just imagine a customer coming first time to your website. Probably he/she doesn’t know the exact spelling of the product. After trying some combinations, if they don’t get the results, they would just leave the website. If you have this extension, it’s savior for your customer, it has this option We didn’t find any results for —–, did you mean to type —–?”.

Wrong words order

This extension even corrects the wrong order of a search term. Let’s try to search for “SWEATER PULLOVER” having in mind a product called “PULLOVER SWEATER”.

Sphinx Search Ultimate supports Magento’s multi-store/ website environment. Well, it supports faceted search as well, so it’s kind of layered search feeling for the customers.

I will summarize the main features offering by the Sphinx Search Ultimate

  • improves search quality
  • Supports stop words
  • Supports synonyms
  • Search products by tags
  • Search by multiple content types:
  • “Long Tail” search(very famous in nowadays SEO)
  • Uses AJAX, so it doesn’t load the entire page and it makes the action fast.
  • Pushing “out of stock” products to the end- Great feature users won’t get annoyed with out of stock products
  • Ability to configure a minimum number of characters to search.

Where to buy Sphinx Search Ultimate?

Click here on the below icon or the Download button.

Sphinx Search Ultimate- Best Search Extension magento

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