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Basic Database Connection using PDO in PHP

In this tutorial we are going to learn  connecting to MySQL with PHP using PDO. “PDO – PHP Data Objects – is a database access layer providing a uniform method of access to multiple databases.” You don’t need to worry about different syntax for different database types, PDO will do this painless.

Did you […]


PHP GET and POST Method

When we are using html form, we can send data to another page using two different methods POST method GET method Both serves same purpose, but the internal mechanism is bit different. When using GET method key value pairs are passing through browser navigation bar. But for POST method a visitor cannot see the data […]


How to capture screenshot of website from URL in PHP

You may have a requirement to show the website’ screenshot in certain pages. You can use some third-party paid services for that. But here we are demonstrating a free service, that too from Google. You can write your own script to get the screenshot from URL. Basically, Google PageSpeed Insights API is used to analyze […]


CodeIgniter – Basic Concepts

Codeigniter is a small footprint MVC framework that helps programmers to create robust web applications. It is considered as one of the smallest frameworks when coming to the size and learning curve. What are the basic concepts in codeigniter ? Controllers Controllers are the entry point in any web application. So controller does same duty […]


Ways To Redirect URLs to Another web page

Different ways to redirect one page to another, this tutorial describes that. You can use different programming/scripting languages to achieve this. We can use server side programming language or client side scripting language like HTML, Javascript. Redirect using PHP   Redirect using HTML meta tag Redirect using Javascript timeout function


PHP User Registration Form

This tutorial teaches about building a PHP User Registration Form. When user registering we collect their information such as username, email etc and storing in a database. The application uses this data for user authentication or user reporting etc. In this tutorial user adding their details in the registration form and a validation, script validates all […]


Better Way To Prevent Image Hotlinking with .htaccess

What is image hotlinking and how to prevent it? Image hotlinking – It is someone directly taking the image URL from your server and embedding it on their website. It’s kind of image stealing, but most importantly losing your bandwidth. Usually, you have to pay for the server bandwidth. When someone hotlinking the image in […]


PHP Redirect 301 permanently

You may want redirect one website to another for some reason. This article show you how to redirect a website to another using php scrips. When you do it should be more search engine friendly at any cost. PHP Redirect Code

Basically you can avoid the first line, but this would result in “302 […]