PHP Redirect 301 permanently

You may want redirect one website to another for some reason. This article show you how to redirect a website to another using php scrips. When you do it should be more search engine friendly at any cost. PHP Redirect Code

Basically you can avoid the first line, but this would result in “302 […]


The 7 best Drupal 8 free themes

Here we are listing 10 best Drupal free themes. When you start over a website a suitable appearance of your website is very important. When you choose Drupal as a content management system, you can choose from a wide variety of Drupal themes. You can find tonnes of drupal developers offering drupal web design with affordable […]


How to Get an RSS Feed for a YouTube Channel

How to get the RSSfeed for a YouTube channel. It’s obvious most of you want to subscribe your favorite YouTube channel on your RSS reader.  Let’s say you want to write an application for organizing the youtube videos from one channel. How to Get an RSS Feed for a YouTube Channel So here is the way […]


Open a URL in a new tab using JavaScript

Opening a URL in new tab using JavaScript, below snippet will do the trick

You could do it this way calling a direct function, or by adding an event listener to your DOM object.  


Display Date And Time In Linux

How to get the current date and time in Linux OS. To display the current date and time by using command line, you can use below code Open a terminal and type the following command:

It outputs like

Even you can use format to print the date and time in Linux

will […]


PHP date() with timezone?

How to get PHP date() with timezone?. PHP date() function returns a string formatted according to the given format string using the given integer timestamp or the current time if there are no timestamp is given. For example, you want print today’s date in Mon 27, Feb 2017. It’s very easy just follow the below […]


Lists of time zones with abbreviations

Lists of time zones with abbreviations Abbr. Name UTC offset ACDT Australian Central Daylight Savings Time UTC+10:30 ACST Australian Central Standard Time UTC+09:30 ACT Acre Time UTC-05 ACT ASEAN Common Time UTC+06:30 – UTC+09 ADT Atlantic Daylight Time UTC-03 AEDT Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time UTC+11 AEST Australian Eastern Standard Time UTC+10 AFT Afghanistan Time […]