Changing the position of store switcher to header magento

Magento has a good amount of template overriding methods. As per the Magento documentation, we will follow the standard method. Instead of editing core files we will use local.xml located in our custom theme. Step 1 Adding the below line in to the header section of local.xml find in app/design/frontend/[your-package]/[your-theme]/layout/ After adding above code the […]


CodeIgniter pagination url with get parameters

CodeIgniter pagination url with get parameters In pagination config:

Your current $_GET vars will be shown in pagination links. You can replace $_GET by another associative array. This won’t add a query string unless one already exists. Update: I just saw, if you go back from another pagination number to click on the first(1), […]


How to get the aliased path from a node ID in drupal

If you want to use the aliased path of a node , in drupal. You can use this one drupal_lookup_path Example. Url OR Function drupal_lookup_path($action, $path = ”, $path_language = NULL) Parameters $action: One of the following values: wipe: delete the alias cache. alias: return an alias for a given Drupal system path (if one exists). […]


Drupal SEO Modules

Drupal SEO is pretty good out of the box. Adding things more to your site will be an advantage to more readable for search engines. Moreover, you should know about some SEO modules, custom Drupal Development to enhance your site. Here we are listing some modules pathauto The Pathauto module automatically creates URL/path aliases(human-friendly URLs) […]

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