Install Node.js on Windows and create test app

Installing a node.js application in windows is pretty easy. First, you need to go to nodejs downloads page. Download the windows msi version as the installer.


Run the .msi file from anywhere from your computer. And installation window appears, go through the process one by one. Finally, if you are done restart the computer, to rebuild the registry and the path should be added to an environmental variable in Windows.

You are done! Let’s go for a test.

Create your test file 

Below sample script opening a port and establishing a connection as server and prints text “Hello World” in browser

To make it work to go to your file location C:\NodeApps\test.js

Type in command prompt node test.js



You will be seeing the server started and the path of the access link.

Just browse the link in the browser, that’s it, you are ready to go. Don’t forget to leave your command prompt open in the background, if it closed you cannot get this page.


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