Connect and Handle Files in FTP Server using PHP

We all use FTP to upload or download the files from a remote server. Usually, we rely on famous FTP clients such as FileZilla, CyberDuck etc, depending on your OS.
Do you know you can do this same with your lovely PHP script?

How to Handle Files in FTP Server using PHP

PHP have strong functions to connect and handle file operations. We will look into the functions one by one. Following are the most important functions to handle file operations
using PHP ftp_connectftp_loginftp_putftp_getftp_delete etc.

In this tutorial, we are showing how to connect and handle files in FTP server using PHP

Connect and Login to the FTP Server

At first, we are connecting to the FTP server using ftp_connect() function. If the successful connection establishes moves to the authentication operation.
You can use the following code to connect and login to FTP server.

Upload File to the FTP Server

Once the script successfully logged in to the FTP server, we can use ftp_put() function to upload a file to server. Follow the below code to upload a file to
server using PHP

Download a file from the FTP server

We can use the below PHP script to download a file from FTP server, using ftp_get(). Make sure the ftp_login() must be execute before the download function.

Delete a file from the FTP server

What’s next, you want to delete your test file uploaded to server. So you can use ftp_delete() function in PHP to delete the file from FTP server
Use the below PHP script to delete a file from FTP Server.

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