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Best 7 URL Shorteners to Shorten Long Links

What does a URL shortner website do?. Answer is pretty simple, they automatically turn your long URLs into shorter, more shareable links. In this era, people would like to use short urls, that can be easily saved and transferred via social media services like twitter, Facebook etc. Now the url shortners are not just tools […]


How to Create a Module in Magento 2

Today’s tutorial are showing how to create a module in Magento 2. When you work in Magento you have to create a custom module at some point. Magento 2 has been around for  2 years now. More people are attracted to Magento’s  powerful features and developing more Magento websites in the eCommerce industry. In this […]


How to get current page URL in PHP?

You can use PHP $SERVER variable for getting current page URL. Being super global variable you will get access to $SERVER in any part of PHP application. Below is a sample script getting the URL of the current page in PHP

You may find these articles helpful: How to check a variable is an […]


jQuery hide() and show()

Using jQuery, you can hide and show HTML elements with the hide() and show() methods:



How do I Compress a Whole Folder Linux?

How can I compress a whole directory under a Linux command prompt? You will be using tar command to compress a folder in linux: Where, -z : Compress archive using gzip program -c: Create archive -v: Verbose i.e display progress while creating archive -f: Archive File name For example, you have a direcotrey called mysite.com in […]

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