Amazon Affiliate Program- How to make money – Beginners Guide

Amazon is one of  the world’s biggest online marketplaces. It has more than 2 Billion monthly page views. So this article gives you short picture to make money online using Amazon affiliate program.  You can find tons of affiliate marketing sites out there like Commission Junction and share a sale. They also do better when comes to monetize your website.  Why Amazon is very famous because the market share of Amazon is quite huge compared to other affiliates, and its the best way to make a lot of money.

How Amazon affiliate program works?

Suppose you are a blogger frequently posting reviews about new gadgets. You are about to make some serious money.  By spending some time you can find a good deal in amazon and link your reviews to that product. When a visitor reach in your website and read your review they click through the link eventually lands in  The amazon product URL in your website contains a unique tag. A cookie being set in browser whenever redirect to Amazon website tells Amazon that visitor is from your website. When customer makes a purchase any items from  Amazon you will get the commission up to 15% of the total amount of product cost.

You can signup for Amazon affiliate program by clicking following link

Amazon Affiliate

Amazon Affiliate Program


How to start earning money from Amazon affiliate

So you already created an amazon affiliate account by using following link.  You are ready to make money using Amazon affiliate program.

Note: I have sign up for Amazon U.S , the link will be .com version.

Aamzon Affiliate Program


You can get product links by clicking menu option called Product Links. It will redirect you to create product links or ads similar to Google Ads.

If you have electronics review blog, may be you can embed an search ad with latest gadgets in the market, or you may be interested tab.  When a user click on the product listed in the ad you will get the commission. But most popular method is the first one, the Product link. It converts well with right content and linking.

You may find it very difficult at the initial stage, but you can make enormous amount of money in shorteer spa, if you have proper keywords and content.

For example I will show you how to create a product link in Amazon Affiliate program.

Step 1: Go the first option Product Links in your dashboard.

Step 2 : You can search a product relevant to your niche, here I have selected a keyword “iPhone”. You can see the results in the below picture.



Step 3 :  When you click on the Get Link button, you will see a page with a html code and product preview widget as well. What you want to do is just copy that html and paste in your review page in proper place.

Amazon Affiliate Program- A Beginner’s Guide




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