How To Add a YouTube Video to Your Web Site

Embedding a YouTube video to a website becomes very simple these days. The biggest advantage of using YouTube videos on your website is you can save a lot of bandwidth. Suppose if the video hosted on your website server, you need different flash/html players for different formats of videos. Nowadays there are tons of video formats available, so you have too little handle it in your website. Of course, videos take more bandwidth than any other content format on the web. When you upload a video to YouTube and embed to your website, you save bandwidth thus saves money.

Add a YouTube Video to Your Web Site

Step #1
Go to youtube .com and search for a video.

Step #2
Click on any video in the results page.

Step #3
Click on the Share button, that placed below subscribe button. Select Embed options from the screen popups. Copy the iframe code and paste into your website HTML.

Add a YouTube Video to Your Web Site
Not only that, YouTube provides different customization options for the video embed. Click on the Show More button below the embed code, you will see a screen similar to below. There you can customize your video appearance.

Add a YouTube Video to Your Web Site

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